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Questions to Ask Your Prospective Personal Chef

In an effort to help you make a more reasonably-informed decision when hiring a Personal Chef, we have compiled the below list of questions.

Also included are some answers to questions that some may feel are important but, in reality, have little or no bearing on your Personal Chef's performance or on the quality of meals that will be prepared for you and your family.

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Chef:

1. Where Did You Receive Your Experience?
Although somewhat important, this question will help you determine your Personal Chef's level of experience, as well as the quality of food you can expect to receive. Keep in mind, however, that not all Personal Chefs have been trained by culinary schools. In fact, many Personal Chefs are excellent "self-taught" cooks.

Chef Anne-Marie: I received an Associate Science in Culinary Arts from San Joaquin Delta College. I graduated with honors. I have cooked for friends and family for over 25 years.

2. Do You Have a "Food Handler's" Certificate?
Food safety is of primary concern to the American Personal Chef Association (APCA) and its members. Although not currently mandated in every state, a Food Handler's (or ServSafe) Certificate lets you know that your Personal Chef has taken the required training and has the knowledge to handle the food you will be eating in a safe manner.

Chef Anne-Marie: I have a ServSafe Certificate and I am also qualified to teach the class.

3. Do You Have a Business License?
The American Personal Chef Association strives to ensure that all of its members adhere to the laws of their state and city. Lack of a license to operate a business indicates that a Personal Chef is unprofessional and careless regarding the law.

Chef Anne-Marie: I have a business license from the city of San Jose. Business License Number: 175213304

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