4. Do You Carry Liability Insurance?
The American Personal Chef Association feels this is an extremely important question. In the unfortunate (and rare) event that injury or damage is caused to you and/or your property, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your Personal Chef has insurance available to "make it right".

Chef Anne-Marie: INSURER: is Hartford Casualty Insurance Company
BROKER: BB&T Frederick Underwriters PC/PHS

5. Do You Have a List of References?
An established Personal Chef should be able to provide you with a list of contented clients that you may contact. Newer Personal Chefs, however, may not yet have an extensive reference list so you may need to rely on the answers to Questions #1-4, above, as well as on your general "feel" for the chef.

Chef Anne-Marie: I can provide references upon request.

Additional Questions to Consider Before Hiring a Personal Chef:

1. Do You Have a Personal Chef "Certification?"
Do not be misled by this "marketing vs. quality" issue.

The American Culinary Federation (ACF) IS the industry's accrediting agency with the authority to certify Personal Chefs. The American Personal Chef Association and the ACF has collaborated to set the standards and criteria for certifications and the ACF is currently offering two levels of Personal Chef "Certification." When fully implemented, this ACF Certification Program WILL BE the industry standard.

Chef Anne-Marie: I am currently working towards getting my personal chef certification. However, I am a certified culinarian by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Standards.

2. Are You a Member of a Professional Association?
Again, this is a "marketing vs. quality" issue.
While joining an association does enable Personal Chefs to more easily access their peers, as well as obtain marketing information and materials that can help further their professional goals, not all associations are alike.

In addition to being the leader in its industry-accredited Personal Chef Certification through its partnership with the ACF (see above), the American Personal Chef Association is the leader in defining and setting professional standards for the industry through its Best Practices "Focus Groups."

Chef Anne-Marie: I have a membership in both the American Culinary Federation and the American Personal Chef Association.

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